Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby on Board for October

I found this post, sitting in my drafts, waiting for me to feel better to update my blog. Um, the baby is now 9 months old, today. My prediction of his birth day was one day off. Daniel M. Kolz joined us 10-6-10.  Here's a shot of him wearing his Curious George hat, and woolen overalls. I just put those items away to find them a new home, and felt so nostalgic for when he was so little. Without further delay, here's my post from January 2010 that I never put up.

All hail the morning sickness, the motion sickness, the freezing cold body temperature, the inability to return to sleep, the constant trips to the bathroom all night long.

Because we're having a new baby join our family about October 5th, 2010.

We saw the little gummi bear on ultrasound on Friday and observed a nice strong heartbeat, which was the answer to our, 2 miscarriages in a row will ruin your optimism, prayers.

My 12 year old sons (two of them) have made these funny observations. 

Mom, the baby must sure like Fresca. You never drank it before. Nope.

Mom's eating weird things, she just had meatloaf for breakfast. Yep.

Did you notice Mom eats every two hours like she has an alarm clock? Yep.

Mom, would you like some Butter Pecan icecream? ::cringe::: Not on your life. No, I have no explanation for this aversion except for pregnancy. I mean seriously, who can dislike Butter Pecan icecream?

Dad, Mom said I have to take a shower, I smell like beef and onions. Do you smell beef and onions?  ::snickering::: 

Seriously Mom, I don't smell anything, are you sure something smells bad?

Um Emma, let's go watch Dragon Tales in the breakfast room, mom's snoring is too loud to hear the TV. ::oops::