Monday, March 23, 2009

Maple Syrup Weekend - and What's for Lunch?

It was Maple Syrup Weekend in Upstate New York.  Don't worry, it comes again for the final weekend, March 28-29 too. For the Kolz Kidz that means all you can eat pancakes at the local fire hall.  For those who don't live in a tiny village or hamlet in the Northeast, you should know the fire hall is often a hub of social busy-ness.  There are the once a winter Saturday Roast Beef dinner fundraiser, the several summer Saturday chicken bbq's with a special Cornell University chicken bbq recipe that gently imprints itself in your DNA as you like the drumstick bone. Don't forget the wedding reception of that one peculiar brother in law to his first wife was held there too. Which works out quite well when the fool lights himself on fire fooling around over the unity candles. Volunteer firefighters rock! 

Anyway, back to the mapley goodness of all you can eat pancakes. Oh it's not just pancakes, it's delicious sausage patties, and fluffy scrambled eggs, and then all you can eat pancakes. They meant it too, as I watched my 11 year old sons put away more pancakes than their Papa. The girls ate like birds, pecking a little eggs, a bite of sausage, and dipping it all into a puddle of real New York maple syrup. Then they ate bites of pancakes before calling themselves full. Funny little birds.

As you know, the Kolz family taps maple trees here in our tiny village. After having a hearty breakfast, we returned home to feed the fire of our Franklin stove and keep our own sap evaporating down to thick, rich, slightly smokey syrup. Delicious.

Enough about breakfast, we've been discussing Frugality, and ways to endure the economic decline in our country/region/household.  I've had a hearty, job search fortifying breakfast now, what's for lunch?

We like tuna sandwiches, the occasional turkey or chicken salad sandwich, salad during the greens season,  leftover soup and muffins, chicken and dumplings, chili, macaroni and cheese, leftover spaghetti and meatballs, hearty stews of the rib sticking variety.  My children would eat spaghettios, unceremoniously dumped into a bowl and heated in a microwave. While it makes me nearly wretch to type that, they still talk about the one time they had a can of ravioli. And plead for me to buy them another. Maybe for food storage, eventually. Hmm, this is giving me some ideas of things I can purchase a few cans or a case of, to add to my lunchtime or dinner food storage. Canned chili, plus home bottled tomatoes, plus Jiffy Corn Bread mix equals Tamale Pie for lunch. Now those are things I can sink my teeth into. And store for the future.

How about you? What kinds of things can you add to your food storage, for that proverbial rainy (paycheckless) day?


Patty Edwards said...

Well, I've got this 175 lbs of bullmastiff that might make a few good roasts...

Bobbisox said...

Hubby fishes off the coast and cans the albacore, tunas and other fishes he catches. He also smokes them in one of the smokers. We catch mackerel too, occasionally and have used that mostly for cat fud (have around 20 cats including the outside ferals) but I have used European recipes that treasure mackerel to make some doozies. The Spanish love mackerel with olives. I am not crazy about oily fish.