Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's with an I, Kolz with a K

May 19th is our annual voting of the school budget. School's need a budget. Otherwise, that school bus may never arrive and I will be destined to entertain/educate/stimulate 5 children for nine full hours until their father arrives home and I can go take a well deserved nap. We'll be having none of that missy!

Joking aside, after the budget and the ballot for Board of Education members went to press, one of the board members resigned, citing a need to spend more time on her business. In these economic times, I wholeheartedly understand the need to pay more attention to business.

My business, though I jest, is my children. Five. Tall ones, short ones, several in between, skinny ones, chubby ones, one of them is mean. Jesting again, she's just teething her molars. My neighbor, my husband, my mother each encouraged me this past several months to put my name on the ballot for the board of education. I passed on that opportunity. There were three candidates and three positions. All done! After all, I home school one of my children for his special needs, and I have a preschooler, a herd of goats, a garden, an opportunity to serve at church, two dogs, three cats, and a hobby of my own.

Now that there are 3 candidates and 4 openings on the board of education, there is a last minute call for write-in candidates to serve as a volunteer on the board of education. This compelled me to finally write myself in. May 19. One week from today. Whew. There goes my manicure.

I've been interviewed by our local paper since tossing my hat in the proverbial ring. That's Kelli with an i, Kolz with a K. What? Kelli, no y, K*O*L*Z. Yes, I want the position. No, I'm not Quaker, I'm a Mormon Mom. Oh my comment that I felt a religious obligation to serve in my community lead to the question. I see. No, it is okay with me if you do not list my religion unless you are listing the other candidates' religions.

Why would I run for the Board of Education? Children do better as students when their parents are involved more fully in their education. Schools do better when parents are involved with the schools. Boards do better when parents of the students are more fully involved in decisions regarding their children's education and school. I am a full-time parent. I will serve if elected.

Pity that my 5 loyal readers are not within my school district boundaries. I could use your vote. Should you feel the need to increase your exercise this week, I am accepting volunteers to go door to door with little cards with my name on them. That's Kelli with an I, Kolz with a K. Because the children shouldn't have to knock on all 250 doors in the village, right? We'll call that walk-a-thon... physical education. Because I am all about education.


Julia said...

good luck Kelli Sue! I hope you get in, you would do a great job. I wish I could vote for you : )

{leah} said...

I would vote for you, heck I would even knock on doors for you, but alas, I am in Arizona where the school board is well, to keep it clean...wrong. I'm homeschooling next year.

Good luck and VOTE for KELLI {with an I}

Donna said...

Good luck. I'd just say, be careful what you wish for LOL.

Spoodles said...

Good luck! I never pay attention to the school board elections around here 'cause we homeschool... but hopefully you'll get in and be able to make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Kelli, you're right the School Board should have parents on it that are involved in the education of their children and all children. I sent my daughter out of district to high school because I didn't care for the way our city high school was being run. We all have to make the choices that are best for our children in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Come run for school board in VA and I might even consider putting my boys in public school... well, if you get rid of the bomb threats and bullies and drugs and lewd behavior...Wow, roll up your sleeves-- it's gonna be a tough job! Good luck! :)