Monday, May 18, 2009

We love our Superintendent of Schools!

Our school district had superintendent's day.  Why the superintendent gets his own day is still unclear to me.  Yet I am willing to give him one, since it means I get all five children home with me. HOORAY for the superintendent.  He seems like a pretty amiable fellow, and I appreciate the recorded phone calls he has made to our school district about a note found in the boy's locker room.  Apparently a child feeling bullied, left a note threatening to bring a gun school.  I admire that they didn't just discuss increased security for the middle school, there was an increase, and they didn't just urge students to pass along information about children who had exhibited threatening behavior or gun interest. He encouraged all parents and students to discuss and disclose bullying situations so they could be ended, and of course so we could get help for the child who is bullied.  Not just prevent a gun being brought to school. Way to go Sup!

My five little, not bullied, children are home, pondering if a chore list is a form of bullying behavior. But the prize is we're making these beautiful nibbles.  And boy howdy, my girls are so excited to make these they even picked all the toys and stuffed animals up off their bedroom floors. That is priceless.

Man, these taste so good, and they're just as cute as you could ask for.

I heart bakerella.


Alison @ Cluck and Tweet said...

I love having my kids home. I'm so looking forward to summer vacation when we have time to ourselves and no lunches to pack and we're all outside singing songs from The Sound of Music. I might be romanticizing it a bit, but not by much.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I LOVE no school days!!!! I can't wait for summer break!!!! But I think I love cupcakes more. I don't think I would make the cupcake balls because cupcakes satisfy all my needs. Why make satisfaction harder than necessary??? But I HAVE been craving cupcakes for days.