Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bulls Eye

Some days I think cats were put here, on the earth, to amuse me. The neighbor's cat, Kitty Boy, is a strikingly handsome black and white tuxedo cat. He's neutered, but because of his propensity to spraying indoors, has been somewhat banished to the out of doors.

He's a sweet natured cat, often seen being petted by the neighbor children from either side of his home. That's five at my house, alone. It's quite a life for him.

You may recall he loves to luxuriously stroll up and down the underground wire that will trigger a static bzzt in my two little dogs wearing their receiver collars if they fall for his lure. Kitty Boy often provokes barking from the little guys as he wanders over to our yard and waggles his lush tail at the dogs. Then retreats an inch, and lays rolling in the grass, taunting them. The dogs did once get a second of revenge, as documented in my blog here but it was shortlived.

Recently I saw Kitty Boy get a little justice, animal style.

It caught my eye out the window.  Kitty Boy was stalking a squirrel with a fat fluffy grey tail. Imagine how alluring that was to a cat. The squirrel was determined to get his big walnut up to a nest in the tale maple tree, soshe  ignored him and quickly scurried.  Kitty Boy took this as a sign of weekness, and began climbing the tree after the squirrel.  Apparently Mama Squirrel tossed that walnut in her nest, I imagine, right into Papa Squirrel's paws, and ran down the tree to slap Kitty Boy silly.

Kitty Boy was stretched up as high as his rear legs would reach him and was suddenly greeted with a face down, hissing snarling version of a squirrel. Mama Squirrel shook her tail in a fury and thumped her feet in a rage scaring Kitty Boy off the tree.

Higher up the grand old maple tree a bold blue jay had just about had enough.

As Kitty Boy retreated, he was goosed in the rear by a dive bombing blue jay who flew off with a bit of fur in his beak.

Poor Kitty Boy, he just can't catch a break. I think I heard the dogs laughing.


Spoodles said...

That was laugh out loud funny! Thanks for sharing!

Ange said...


This sounds like a great story for a children's book! It would be adorable. Thank you for your words of encouragement on my last post. You are right about preparing.I was just sitting in the tub last night thinking about how I should do my shopping early and even get the whole family together to assemble freezer meals once November rolls around! Yes,you are right. I can do this. Thank you so much for spurring me on. Bless you!

Bobbisox said...

So funny, that must have been a sight to behold.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I just watched Beatrix Potter. This would be the perfect Beatrix Potter book! Get out your watercolors!!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Hye KS,
I made the salted potatoes last night (purposely made extras to fry up for breakfast too!)

We enjoyed them and they weren't really salty. Love the stick of butter!!!