Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We planted new potatoes, baby peas and the sweetest of tiny little cherry tomatoes to herald the gestation of.. Baby Kolz #6. Baby Kolz is due towards the end of January, right about the time of the late Grandpa Kolz birthday - January 23. We're so excited to have a sweet new baby to join our family. I feel great, energetic and healthy. On occasion I've barfed after a delay in eating, or right after beginning to eat a meal that wasn't quick enough. I recover quickly and finish my meal. But other than that, I'm hale and hearty, and thinking maybe #7 is doable too. Just not at the same time. I may be singing a different tune after the delivery, but for today, 7 children doesn't seem so very impossible.

With our current sibling tally of 3 girls and 2 boys, the children have officially voted that this one should be a boy to even teams, of course. Our current ages are Mom & Dad (abstained) , two 11 year old boys, nine year old girl, seven year old girl, and a three year old girl.

On the way to church yesterday the children were discussing what we should name a girl. Danielle was toyed with, but I reminded them that we have a pattern going for girls names, so it should end with an a sound, like Sarah, Merina, and Emma. They each have Elizabeth as their middle names. Sarah and Merina were discovered to share that middle name when FarmBoy and I married. When Emma came along a year later we decided to continue the pretty trend.

Gerard, from the backseat, pipes up with, I know what goes with Sarah, Merina and Emma. Tortilla. Tortilla?!?

I've heard it all now. Tortilla Elizabeth. Does that come with guacamole on the side?

Speaking of food. Pregnancy has had a funny effect on me. I'm fascinated by food and recipes, even more than usual. I'm looking forward to trying several new recipes this week, including Brown Trout Au Gratin, Green beans in green coconut curry, and Maui Turkey Burgers with grilled pineapple.  We will also be eating Upstate NY BBQ chicken, and salt potatoes, recipes posted last week. Clearly I don't suffer from heartburn induced by food, nor hypertension issues.

I think my varied menus while pregnant debunk any connections between what you eat and appearance of the baby. My former mother in law reported that her son had dark brown eyes from her habit of eating a can of olives regularly through her pregnancy. I was quite relieved to see that none of my children resembled pickled vegetables with lean turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Nor tortilla chips and fresh chopped pico de gallo salsa.

If you've been pregnant, what kinds of food did you find yourself gravitating toward?


dude said...

I am so happy for you all KelliSue. I will pray He holds you extra close and dear throughout your pregnancy.
And, 'Lemon' and I like Tortilla.

Anonymous said...

My boys have all turned out to look like a cross between Larry the Cucumber (I hated cucumbers before pregnancy and ever since can't get enough of them!!!) and Mexican/Chinese spicy hot food... (except for the last pregnancy, Chinese was definitely OUT-- hmmm, which is maybe why Byron is so different from the rest? LOL!).

Save me some salt potatoes for when we come up! :)

The Crazy Coxes said...

Yippee! Congrats KS!!! How exciting for all of you!

As far as food and pregnancy - anything goes for me. I was pregnant three times and with boys all three times. No morning sickness.

I do remember craving Taco Bell with boy #1!

Swansong said...

Whooo hoooo! Congrats!!! I am so very happy for you! A little jealous too but I am having a hard enough time wrangling 2 so three is a no go. LOL

siobhan said...

tortilla elizabeth is lovely! and i love that they all have the same middle name! (it's my middle name, too!)

i always wanted healthy food. i craved fresh vegetables and grilled chicken. and water. LOTS of water. with crunchy ice. it's what i should always eat anyway, but i'm thankful that it's at least what my body craves when pregnant.