Friday, February 24, 2012

How cute is this child?

Daniel Martin Kolz was born October 6, 2010. I casually slip in that when he was delivered I drove myself to the hospital, and had him an hour and a half later.

He is our swan song. I turned 44 a few weeks after his gentle entry into the world, and Martin politely turned 50 a few months later.

It may seem like too much to tell you that Daniel makes us giggle each and every day, and he is the reason Daddy hurries home from work, the reason the big boys look carefully through the front door glass before opening the door after school and the reason why Emma wanted to stay home for homeschool instead of attending a public school elementary class. And of course, he's the reason the big sisters smile as much as they do.

I quip to my friends that I breastfeed him just so I get some time to hold him with all the competition! It was my only guarantee that every couple of hours he came back to my arms for some one on one time.

Heavenly Father may have packed his big smile into his little body before he was born, but I hope I can claim that our family is the reason why Dannyboy uses it so very often!

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