Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do they have to eat every night?

One of my college professors assigned us to write eight blog posts. Thankfully I have six children who provide me with fodder on a daily basis, but lately their quips have gone to waste.

Today, at 4pm, after an afternoon snack should have mollified him, I assigned one of my 14-year-old sons to make supper. "Why do they have to eat every night?" ::hand thrown up in dramatic fashion::

I had to hold back laughter. I'm trying to get some school assignments done before their deadline. The kids are home on winter break from their middle school and elementary school. It seems logical to my mind that your average well-trained teenager can take on a task, especially with food involved. He's a well-fed boy by the looks of him. He did make barbecued beans from a can of pork and beans. It's rather simple and easily done. Chop and saute' one sweet onion in olive oil until transparent, add one large family size can of pork and beans. Add 2 T of brown sugar, 1T of molasses or maple syrup, 2 T of barbecue sauce of your choice, and salt to taste. Serve with hot dogs baked by your sister. Be sure and write a list of complaints that include your mother adds too many nutty ingredients to the beans. But do pass the beans, because the kids really like them.

I was reminded of this comic panel which was delivered to my Facebook page. I was amused. It's not funny to one of my 14-year-old boys. The other one takes after me and stifled his laughter.

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